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Spotlight – Alexander Sevastian

Amici is pleased to feature World renowned Russian accordionist, Alexander Sevastian in our upcoming concert! Alexander Sevastian is an acclaimed soloist, as well as member of the prestigious Quartetto Gelato. Sevastian has toured the world both performing and recording. He is a winner of several prestigious competitions, including: Coupe Mondiale International (2007), The Oslofjord (Norway […]

Russell Braun Spotlight & Interview

We spoke to renowned baritone Russell Braun about what it’s like to prepare for Strauss vs. Strauss. He shared his excitement to perform once again with Amici… “members of his musical family”. “I really want to say and stress that I’m not coming in to this concert as an outsider, which I do many other […]

Why Strauss vs. Strauss?

  Thoughts from our very own, Serouj Kradjian Similar in last names, yet so different in styles. Johann, the undisputed king of Viennese waltz and operettas, even making Johannes Brahms envious that he wasn’t the composer of the “Blue Danube”. Richard Strauss with his rich harmonic palette, soaring melodies and the grand orchestral sound, and […]

Composer John Adams Dishes On Pop Culture

[one_third] Courtesy ForaTV [/one_third] [one_third]”The great bifurcation in music is between pop and classical.” John Adam’s Gnarly Buttons and John’s Book of Alleged Dances are featured on Amici Chamber Ensemble’s presentation of American Berserk, Saturday, May 4, 2014. [/one_third] [one_third_last] [/one_third_last]

Guest Blogger: Anthea Kong

[two_third] Anthea Kong is a former student at the Claude Watson School of the Arts. Her composition, Stars, will begin the program on February 16, 2014.   “Stars”   Being a part of the Claude Watson School for the Performing Arts in the Music Program, there have been many valuable and special opportunities, including working […]

An exaltation of larks – a murder of crows – a _____ of harpists?

Guest Blogger:  Lara St. John, Part 2 I had just done a show with San Francisco Symphony when Marie-Pierre Langlamet asked me to come up to Vancouver to be part of her International Harp Congress recital and play the Bach E Major with her. It was the summer of 2011, we had done the Bach […]

Guest Blog: Lara St. John, Part 1

[two_third] Looking ahead to Lara and the Lyre on December 1st, we’ve invited violinist Lara St. John to write about her thoughts on the program:   “Two of the pieces have a bit of a story; namely Sari Siroon Yar (which I asked Serouj to set for violin and piano) and the Bach E Major […]

Henri Dutilleux Remembered – David Hetherington

  Amici is excited to present a programme of French music on February 16. A subtitle for this concert could be “Vieille France, Nouvelle France”, featuring composers from France and Canada both young and old, well known and unknown.   I am particularly happy that Serouj and I are doing solo pieces by Henri Dutilleux, […]