Amici Chamber Ensemble


Guest Blogger: Anthea Kong

[two_third] Anthea Kong is a former student at the Claude Watson School of the Arts. Her composition, Stars, will begin the program on February 16, 2014.   “Stars”   Being a part of the Claude Watson School for the Performing Arts in the Music Program, there have been many valuable and special opportunities, including working […]

An exaltation of larks – a murder of crows – a _____ of harpists?

Guest Blogger:  Lara St. John, Part 2 I had just done a show with San Francisco Symphony when Marie-Pierre Langlamet asked me to come up to Vancouver to be part of her International Harp Congress recital and play the Bach E Major with her. It was the summer of 2011, we had done the Bach […]

Guest Blog: Lara St. John, Part 1

[two_third] Looking ahead to Lara and the Lyre on December 1st, we’ve invited violinist Lara St. John to write about her thoughts on the program:   “Two of the pieces have a bit of a story; namely Sari Siroon Yar (which I asked Serouj to set for violin and piano) and the Bach E Major […]