Transfigured Transcribed ‹ Amici Chamber Ensemble

“Two people are walking through a bare, cold wood; the moon keeps pace with them and draws their gaze. The moon moves along above tall oak trees, there is no wisp of cloud to obscure the radiance to which the black, jagged tips reach up.”

Arnold Schönberg’s Transfigured Night highlights a program of music transformed and transcribed from the original score.

Guest Artist:
Yehonatan Berick

Yehonatan Berick, Violin


Alban Berg
Adagio arr. for violin (clarinet and piano)

Johannes Brahms
Sonata No. 2 for violin and piano, Op. 100 (for clarinet and piano, arr. R. Woolfrey)

Béla Bartók
Hungarian Folk Melodies (vor violin and cello, arr. K. Kraeter)

Arnold Schönberg
Verklärte Nacht (for violin, cello and piano)
op. 4 (arr. E. Steuermann)